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Zanypig is a small independent toy retailer selling children’s toys and gifts ages from 3- 8 years with no pink or blue divide.

Zanypig was born over several months of talking about wanting a life reset and a change in direction. Over a curry and a couple of glasses of wine with friends, I decided to take the leap of faith and start my own business selling children’s toys and gifts.

My vision was to do something different to what was on offer at the more prominent online toy shops. 

I understood that children enjoyed playing with toys whatever their gender. I wanted to take out what I saw was a barrier of buying toys for children. Just let toys be toys and not just boy’s toys or girl’s toys.  Allowing children, the freedom to play with a wide range of toys is a vital part of a child’s development and can help shape long-term attitudes and ambitions.

So, at Zanypig there is no pink or blue divide!

Also, after several years of buying Birthday and Christmas presents for my daughter, her friends and my friend’s children. I felt I had plenty of experience with the good, the bad and the ugly of gift buying. Knowing what kids want and what makes their parents happy is at the heart of Zanypig.

I have brought together a collection of children’s toys and gifts which will encourage children to make more time to play and reduce the amount of screen time they have.  We have creative crafts, imaginative play, wooden toys, jigsaw puzzles and games. 

I wanted to do my part in being environmentally friendly too. I have chosen a range of products to reflect this, such as those made from sustainable wood, recycled paper, reusable or recyclable packaging, and durable materials that can last for years and be passed on to a sibling or friend. 

Use NOPAB10 at checkout for 10% off first order

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