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Elevate your workplace dialogue with our engaging talks on gender stereotypes. Whether you’re considering ‘lunch and learn’ sessions or seeking a more bespoke experience, our talks spark meaningful conversations.

Early Impact Unveiled: Explore how gender stereotypes shape children’s lives from the get-go. Our talks dive into the hows and whys, arming your audience with insights for change.

Empower Parent Employees: Equip your parent employees to raise children unbound by stereotypes. Our talks guide them on making a real difference.

Educate Educators: On a training day for teaching staff? Our talks unravel how early gender stereotypes are learned, empowering educators to foster inclusive learning environments.


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Career Decisions Unpacked: Delve into the lifelong impact of early stereotypes on career choices.

Our talks offer actionable strategies to help your employees break free from these influences.

Expert Speaker – Clare’s Experience: Benefit from the wealth of experience Clare brings to the table. Having worked with global brands such as NatWest, Nissan, MINI, British Airways, and Modelez, as well as at Virgin Group, Clare has delivered impactful talks to audiences exceeding 1,000 people. Her expertise extends beyond talks, as she has also served as a compère for international conferences over multiple days.

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Transform your workplace culture with our tailored workshops. At not only pink and blue, we go beyond generic solutions – we craft experiences that resonate with your business.

Customised Workshops: 

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our workshops are meticulously tailored to suit your business needs. But it doesn’t stop there. We offer a unique opportunity for your employees to unravel the complexities of gender stereotypes and their profound impact on both personal and professional spheres.

Workshop 1: Unmasking Stereotypes Embark on a journey from childhood to adulthood, exploring the pervasive nature of stereotypes. This insightful 60-minute session combines engaging exercises and discussions, fostering a deeper understanding of how stereotypes show up in our everyday lives.

Workshop 2: Workplace and Stereotypes Building on the foundation of Workshop 1, our second session delves into how these stereotypes manifest in the workplace. This informative 60-minute workshop employs targeted exercises and discussions, empowering your team to implement positive changes in within the workplace.

Workshop 3: Shaping Client Deliverables Building on Workshops 1 & 2, our last session in this series delves into the tangible effects of stereotypes on client work. This transformative 60-minute workshop utilises examples from within your company and outside, empowering your team to implement important changes to ensure that these biases aren’t reflected in your client work.

Client-Centric Approach: 

We believe in collaboration. Before crafting each workshop, we engage in detailed discussions with our clients. This ensures that our sessions align seamlessly with your company’s culture. We actively seek examples from your workplace, fostering an environment of shared learning within your team.

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Clare speaks from a unique and extremely knowledgeable perspective in a highly engaging way. The session she did with our team received a wholeheartedly positive response with comments on how interesting and useful Clare's session was.
Senior Partner Marketing Consultant
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