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We believe that children should have no limits. That all colours are for all children, all toys are for all children, and all children should see themselves in the books they read.  That’s why we created not only pink and blue. To bring together all those unique and hard-to-find clothes, toys and books for babies, toddlers and children up to 10 years old – that are colourful, fun and practical for all children – whatever they are getting up to.

We challenge harmful stereotypes in these products too, so that they don’t limit children. So no more dolls ‘only’ for girls, or superhero books ‘just’ for boys. We want to make that choice as wide as possible.

And to do this, we work with inspirational small independent businesses and brands – our Partners – who make not only pink and blue possible. We meet every Partner, and we believe in their products because we hand-pick from their collections so whether it is for your own children or as a gift you know they will be of great quality. And even better they’ll be delivered straight to your door across the UK.

And what’s wrong with pink and blue? Absolutely nothing. Like there is nothing wrong with girls who love pink and sparkles, or football-loving boys. But let’s let children be children, and decide what they want to be, without the harmful stereotypes so that they can grow up with equality.

Let’s grow generations of individuals.

Why Shop With Us?

We meet all our Partners

We know kids will love our products

We don’t stereotype

“We care about what you buy; we care about what your children play with, wear and read, so we make sure that we meet every Partner who sells their products on not only pink and blue.”

Clare Willetts, CEO and Founder of not only pink and blue

Why is this important?

Recent scientific research has shown that the brain is created as a blank canvas, with no category-defining differences between the minds of baby girls and baby boys.

However, as we grow, brains pick up on social rules and learn what is “expected” of their gender. This conditioning can even start as early as when babies are in the womb – with parents using different language to speak to them if they know the sex. In the case of boy babies, fewer, less emotional words are used. And this continues as parents and carers talk to babies differently depending on their sex.

As babies and children grow, the world becomes more divided (more ‘pink and blue’), with clothes, toys and books gender-targeted. Not only in terms of colour, but in style and content. ‘Pretty in pink’, ‘boisterous in blue’ – many of the issues lie in the language we use rather than in the colours themselves. 

And this stereotyping can have a lasting effect on them, their future interests, and their understanding of who and what they can be. 

But the good news is that this can be reversed, and we can counteract the negative stereotypes. So let’s start now, and challenge these harmful stereotypes!

“We need to stop pigeonholing and labelling our children and provide clothing, toys and books based on activities and interests, not on gender.”

Clare Willetts, CEO and Founder of not only pink and blue

Our Story

Around 8 years ago, Clare was starting to buy clothes for her friend’s new babies. After being submerged into a pink/blue world, she quickly became frustrated by this divide and the lack of fun, colourful clothes for all children and also the stereotyping from such an early age.

Clare WillettsThis led Clare to wonder if there was something she could do to change it. And this where the initial idea for not only pink and blue was born.

From this, Clare researched the issues of stereotyping further and found that the stereotypes children are exposed to from a young age can have a lasting effect on children – even limiting them from reaching their full potential. So, she started to blog about it.

After spending her career in advertising, marketing and branding, Clare decided she could help the many small, yet amazing brands who were creating fabulous unisex clothes, toys and books for children, by creating a platform for them to share their products with the world. After a lot of research, where she spent time talking to brands and book publishers, not only pink and blue was born.

Clare has two children of her own who love to run, dance, climb, read, cook and jump in puddles (to name but a few things), that all children love to get up to.

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