About Us

Together we can grow generations of equals.

not only pink and blue is challenging the tradition of dressing girls in pink and boys in blue.

After all, there are 11 colours and over 10 million shades to choose from!

By changing buying behaviour that perpetuates stereotypes, we can help companies create a culture free from gender typecasting and support all parents, whatever their gender.

And by supporting all parents with resources and information we can drive real change.

Stereotyping means making assumptions about children because of their gender.

We believe that all colours are for all children, all toys are for all children, and that all children should see themselves in the books they read.

All we are saying is let children be children. Let them be individuals and experience life as they wish, not box them in with pre-conceived ideas.

Our plan

Stereotyping starts from birth. Blue baby clothes for a boy, pink for a girl.

Change starts with educating parents and supporting them in bringing up their children free from the social coding that has proven long term effects.

That includes creating work cultures that support all parents, regardless of gender, with our innovative parental leave programme and giving them access to resources that help them challenge childhood stereotypes. 

If we can achieve that goal, the next generations will be happier, healthier and free to express their individuality.

How it all started

A passion for equality and fairness is what drives me.

At 13 years old I was frustrated at the uniform policy of box-pleat-below-the-knee skirts for girls which were completely impractical; so I petitioned the Headmaster to change the uniform policy so that girls could wear trousers. He listened and the uniform policy was changed.


My passion for equality and fairness started right there and continued throughout my career.

Fast forward 20 years.  When I was shopping for baby clothes, I realised just how stark the pink/blue divide still was. Through extensive research, I found that stereotypes often have a limiting effect on children’s aspirations, confidence and mental well-being.

I was determined to change the status quo and challenge the idea that certain colours, toys and activities were ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. And it needs to happen from birth.

Having my own children made me even more determined to make change. But this isn’t just for my children, it’s for all children, for our communities and for society as a whole.

Working with brands, organisations and parents who feel just as passionately about making change inspires me every day.

not only pink and blue was created to actively and consciously challenge stereotypes from birth so we can grow generations of equals.
Clare Willetts
Founder not only pink and blue