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About Pip & Henry

Driven by a love for the environment, Pip & Henry create beautifully stylish, luxuriously comfortable, and responsibly produced shoes for children.  

Our playful footwear is made from luxurious sustainable materials such as organic cotton, pineapple leaf fiber and recycled rubber. We offer a recycling service for outgrown shoes (in exchange for £10 off your next order).

And finally, to help children feel empowered to drive change, we pen beautiful stories about Pip & Henry, a little girl and her dinosaur friend embarking on adventures to reduce the number of shoes ending up in landfill, befriending the bees, cleaning up dirty beaches and more.

Why Pip & Henry was founded

I’m Jeroo Doodhmal, Founder of Pip & Henry.

When my daughter (who’s now 6) came into our lives, I was really amazed and shocked by the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ that consequently entered our lives…and this really started to bother me.

On the one hand I was showing her Blue Planet documentaries, wanting her to be more inspired by nature and animals and to treat our world kindly and thoughtfully.

On the other, she was outgrowing clothing and footwear faster than I could have imagined and that I could effectively recycle.

Further research showed me that kids typically outgrow shoes every 3-4 months in the early years of their lives, with an average child owning 15 pairs of shoes over the course of a year.

That’s 80 million pairs of children’s shoes bought in the UK alone.

85% of these end up in landfills, decomposing slowly and leaching harmful chemicals and toxins into the ground and water for 1000s of years.

So, I believe the time is ripe for a change in the way this everyday product is made and disposed of, and that’s what set me on the path to build Pip & Henry.

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