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At Brave Young Things, we believe baby & toddler clothes should be as individual, fun-loving and adventurous as the kids who wear them. Discover our hand-picked collections of gorgeous, unisex clothes for under-3's. Original designs and play-friendly styles, guaranteed 100% free of boring old stereotypes. Perfect for little explorers everywhere.
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Brave Young Things specialises 100% in stylish, stereotype-free and ready-to-play clothing for babies and toddlers aged 0-3.

Young children are natural-born explorers, making their own way in a brave new world. They’ve got limitless potential, limitless imagination – and that’s what inspires us to find clothes as individual as they are. Clothes to have adventures in. Clothes to be themselves in.

Our handpicked collections of gorgeous, unisex clothes are chosen for their original designs, beautiful colours and practical styles. We work with young, innovative brands all over the UK and Europe, to find clothes with style, personality and free of boring old stereotypes.

Our Values

STYLISH – We seek out original designs and styles, so your child’s clothes can be as individual as they are.
STEREOTYPE-FREE – Forget same-old pink and blue, princesses and tractors. We don’t want to put our children in boxes and neither will our clothes.
READY TO PLAY – All our clothes are carefully chosen to suit your child’s stage of development, from snuggly newborn to toddler explorer.

A note from our founder

Brave Young Things was founded in 2021 by British mum of 3, Hilary Lloyd. Frustrated with the limited range of designs and colours she found in most baby & kids’ clothes stores, she decided to start her own!

“As a mum of 3 young kids, I was FED UP of the limited choices and shoehorned-in stereotypes that so many clothing brands were offering me. I thought, there’s got to be some more exciting options out there?! Well, there are – not the big names on the High Street, but small-scale, innovative, young brands forging their own path. Being brave. Just like every baby who climbs up without knowing if they will fall down.

“And so I had an idea … what if I could create a clothes store full of just these kinds of clothes? With a real choice of colours, designs, ideas. That would support small businesses instead of the big chains.

“With Brave Young Things, I’m trying to break the rules. To find and share cute, unisex clothes, with zero stereotyping. Things I’d buy for my own children (and do, as you’ll see my twins wearing them on our socials!) It started out as a business idea, but it’s become my passion.

I hope you like the store, and happy shopping!”

For 10% off use code NOTONLY10

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