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Children’s author, Josie Dom, writes books full of kindness and colour. Books which first and foremost entertain but also contain a subtle message of kindness. Giving adult readers the opportunity to choose to talk through the underlying message or just enjoy the chance for a read and a snuggle. Josie hopes that sharing stories of kindness with children will help them to grow up to be kind. The kindness message in Josie’s stories is backed up by 15% of profits being donated to charity.
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Picture books for all ages!

The Lum series is ideal for children age 3-7 with its vibrant illustrations and easy to read font. There are currently two books in this series, each of which has its own plush toy, with plans to complete the series with another five books.

Animalympics was published in 2021 and celebrates sports and animals in a detailed 52-page full-colour hardback book, illustrated by Sarah Lou. The rhyming story tells the tale of what happened when the Olympics was cancelled and the animal kingdom competed instead. An hilarious account of fencing narwhals, trampolining moles and boxing kangaroos plus many other animal/sport combinations all organised by Woodpecker Will and his gang of helpers (including tigers doing First Aid and parrots commentating).

Josie Dom is a children’s author learning to embrace her individuality. She has created a world of imagination* where anything could happen and the most important things are friendship and kindness.

Josie lives in the small town of Halstead in Essex with her husband Nic Phine (illustrator of the Lum books), their son and daughter, a mixed-up dog (LabLurchTrievOodle) Frank and a big fluffy ginger cat called Mittens.

Although Josie’s books are too young for her children now, it was their love of stories when they were little which inspired Josie to pick up her pen and create. 

After a lifetime in sensible office jobs, Josie is relishing the opportunity to explore her creative side.

* when not working in her other business as a Virtual Assistant!

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