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World Book Day 2021

It’s World Book Day and usually kids are heading off to school in a costume, hastily put together the night before by parents trying to cobble together a dinosaur outfit or a cat in a hat out of cereal boxes and some left over Christmas wrapping paper!

This year is a little different with the kids not at school but the idea of World Book Day still rings true. To get kids excited about books and reading is most definitely a good thing. the old adage ‘You can lose yourself in a book, but you can find yourself too’ has never been more true than right now. The ability to read a book that allows you to travel to different places, times and go on all sorts of adventures and is great for developing curious imaginations.

Children need to see themselves in the books they read

World book day Buster Finds His beat book cover
Buster Finds His Beat

We still have a way to go with the books our children are reading though. We need to do more work to ensure that children are able to see themselves in books. That the books and stories they read (and we read them) aren’t simply regurgitating stereotypes that they see (and hear) around them on a daily basis.

World book day Book cover with female firefighter, fire engine, sunshine
My Mummy Is a Firefighter

It’s why we are so pleased to be working with wonderful Partners who are creating thoughtful books for all children to enjoy. Two of the fabulous books we have were recently featured in the Independent, 10 Best Books That Celebrate Diversity. You can read the article here. Both books are beautifully illustrated picture books for young children. Buster Finds His Beat  has a lead character who is a little boy with autism and the book teaches children about difference, resilience and individuality. My Mummy is a Firefighter is one of a series of books that challenge the notion that certain jobs are only for men or women. They are must have books for young children.

‘There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books’

Comic book open

As children get older and they read themselves it’s great to keep feeding their imaginations and encouraging them to challenge social norms. We love Vigilante Tooth Fairy – the name is self explanatory and Dungeon Fun comic books which feature their hero character Fun Mudlifter as fun reads for all kids age 7 – 10 yrs.

As James Patterson says “There’s no such thing as a kids who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books”.

The key is to keep children reading because the more reading becomes a chore the less will enjoy it, and there is so much joy to be had in books. So, if they prefer adventure stories or comics then searching out some that work is really important.

We are often asked about books for children who are bi-lingual (or those who are learning another language) as we know these are hard to find. This is why we are so pleased to have Mika & Lola on our site. A book with language options of English/Spanish, English/French, English/German or English/Italian. Not only can children read an engaging story learning that they don’t need to held back by the expectations around them but they can also read it in a combination of languages.

Book inspiration

If you are looking for some book inspirations for your children (or some inspiration for gifts) then take a look on our site, we are sure there will be something for all kids. We’ve even got a ‘Love Reading’ gift box for kids aged 7-10 yrs with a whole box packed full of goodies.

Whatever your children are up to, dressing up or not, have a wonderful World Book Day and don’t forget to keep reading!

Image credit: Catherine Hammond on Unsplash

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