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child dressed as the cat in the har with red and white striped huge hat

World Book Day 2021

It’s World Book Day and usually kids are heading off to school in a costume, hastily put together the night before by parents trying to cobble together a dinosaur outfit or a cat in a hat out of cereal boxes and some left over Christmas wrapping paper! This year is a little different with the … read more

gender neutral baby cake at baby shower

Our top 10 gender-neutral baby gifts for newborns

Know someone having a baby? Try a gender-neutral baby gift Gender-neutral baby gifts can be a real saviour when buying gifts for newborns. For instance: Unsure of the parent’s style? Then buy gender-neutral. The mum and dad not revealing the gender, choose unisex. You care about sustainability and believe in buying quality goods that can … read more

Bookcase with children's books

Gender stereotypes in children’s books: Do we live happily ever after?

What’s the deal with gender stereotypes in children’s books? Before I deep dive into complexities of gender stereotypes in children’s books, I want to talk about Natalie Portman. Why? Because last week the Oscar winner announced she was entering the children’s book market with ‘Natalie Portman’s Fables’. Her re-telling of classic tales such as The … read more

Last minute Christmas present shopping

It happens to all of us, we think we will be organised but then it’s suddenly a week until Christmas and time is running out. Some fabulous companies have done some brilliant gift guides so here is our summary of the ones to check-out: Looking for something for someone who likes Space, Football or STEM? … read more

Girls toys, boys toys

Children can grow up to be whatever they want to be. Girls and boys should play together. Socialise, run, climb, scoot, ride bikes. Why wouldn’t they? Sadly it is hard to find depictions on toy boxes, in catalogues or toy adverts that show girls and boys playing together no matter the toy that is inside. … read more

They’ve done it again

Our friends at From babies with Love have produced another fantastic collection and won more awards. I love the ethical approach they have for their baby clothes and collections as well as their designs. They are baby friendly and really well made with that little bit of fun that, your little ones might be too … read more

Comfortable and kind

I recently visited Bubble London, a trade show for those who sell kids products (mainly clothes) to show their wares to prospective buyers. There were some great Brands there who I will be writing further Blogs on but today I want to mention Mori. They have a lovely selection of beautifully soft baby clothes that … read more

Kids creating clothes

picture-this-dress Back to clothes this week and an absolutely inspired idea by Mum Jamie Newberry. Kids draw. A lot. And so often they draw themselves and the clothes they are in. It’s a great indicator of what they would like to wear. So instead of just admiring these pictures Newberry decided to make the dress … read more

Not clothes but toys

I have found the same issue with toys as I have with clothes which is so frustrating. We were recently looking for a walker for our little one and found that they are all pink for girls, blue for boys and quite frankly are all pretty horrible. Much as the toy manufacturers might not believe … read more

Clothes, toys and lots more

The sun is shining and it’s summer so everyone should be in bright, fun, colourful clothes (although in my book the same applies in winter in order to brighten up the day). Toby Tiger fits the bill perfectly with unisex stripes and prints all in vibrant, playful colours and designs. Their clothes are timeless and … read more