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Age range: 2


9 years

Tiny Tree Children’s Books is a small independent publishing house based in Manchester, UK. Established in 2016, Tiny Tree publishes high-quality picture books and novels for children of all ages with a focus on new work by debut authors and illustrators.
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Tiny Tree Children’s Books was set up initially to fill a gap that we saw in the market. Having not only worked in the book industry for some time, but also having 2 children of my own I saw that although there were a great deal of children’s picture books out there, there were very few which covered difficult topics like mental health and bereavement in a satisfactory way. On top of that there were so many talented individuals out there with no representation that were being missed or ignored and may never see their debut.

Over the space of several years we built our brand on the idea that we would work closely with our authors and illustrators to make their dreams come true. We managed to build lasting relationships with our authors, and through this we were able to build a family. We also wanted to stay independent, cultivating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and providing a platform for new voices. Our customers saw this and heard of our efforts and so the brand began to grow, slowly, into what it is today. It is all thanks to the wonderful MJP family we have built.

For 10% off use code NOPAB

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