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Half term already? Here’s a few ideas

How is it half term already? 

It’s been a long old lock down already and it’s still going on and if you are anything like us, keeping the kids from constant whining it quite hard! And now with half term, everything closed and no option to visit family and friends it’s more time in and around the house.

We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help keep the kids busy and entertained and let’s face it a little bit more self sufficient!

1. I’m bored jar

This one works a treat! Grab an old jam jar and a piece of paper. Ask your child to write (or you can write for them if can’t write yet) all the things they love doing that they could do when they are bored. Give yourself the right to veto but definitely have a few treats in there.

Once you have a list options ask them to cut them out, roll the up and pop them in the ‘I’m bored’ jar.

Then when you have the recurring ‘I’m bored’ shout they can pick something out of the jar and (hopefully) give you a moment!

2. Things to do everyday list

Grab your pens, a big sheet of paper and think of things you all need to do everyday – so eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg (or is it now 8?), dance, read a book, go outside etc.Book Peculiar Powers of vegetables and fruit

If you need a little inspiration on the fruit and veg options then ‘The Peculiar Powers of Fruit and Vegetables’ is bound to give them inspiration!

Get input form the kids and add in a few yourself. If they are old enough then ask them to write it and decorate the list so that you can pop it up on the wall somewhere.

3. Colouring in

Studies have found that colouring in is really good for children and adults. For adults it can be a form of mindfulness, concentrating on the colouring. For children it can be equally therapeutic giving them opportunity to work through things that are worrying them. They are more likely to talk about their troubles whilst they are also drawing.

We love getting out our Stib colouring pencils drawing colourful pictures, colouring in (not always inside the lines) and creating stories.

4. Exercise 

It’s good for us all to exercise and doing it daily is key (make sure you put it on your ‘Things to do everyday’ list!) and the kids love to get involved.

Find a space, pop on some music and take it in turns to make up an exercise that you all do for 40 seconds. You’ll be amazed at what your little ones will create for you to do.

5. Family story time

Sit the family down, turn down the lights and make up a story.

Take it in turns to add to the story setting the scene, describing the characters, is it present day, or olden days? What type of adventure are you going on? To space, time travel, to a far away country? Use your imaginations and if you need some inspiration we’ve got some fabulous stories that can get you started like this ‘Pirate Fun’ comic books.

  .                        Pirate fun cover

6. D I S C O

If you’ve got disco lights then get them on, if you haven’t turn off the lights and grab your torches and flick them on and off! Crank up the music and dance your hearts out.

The great thing about dancing is that it gets you moving, releases endorphins and makes you all feel happy.

And what more do we need in this time, than a little joy, fun and happiness!

Whatever you get up to make sure it involves a bit of silliness, some fresh air and a lot of fun.

Happy half term.

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