Festive fun

Merry Christmas and family games!

Thank you for your support this year.

It’s nearly Christmas and what a year it’s been. We know it’s not been easy and that is why we wanted to say an extra special thank you to our customers this year.

Our first 6 months in business has been a bit different to say the least! We’ve had the normal fun of starting a business with a bit of home schooling, lock down and banana bread baked in!

Family Christmas games

Along with a big thank you (and because we know that Christmas won’t be the same this year) we wanted to give you a few simple ideas for Christmas family games to add a bit of festive fun into your  video calls.

Scavenger hunt:
The aim of the game is to be first back to the screen with the items on the list. For example 3 things that are red, something that is silver, something that Santa would wear!
You can add in any family related jokes or items that you know you all have somewhere.

Designate someone to call out what needs to be scavenged. When everyone is back with the item/s then call out the next one.

Guess the …
Take it in turns to describe something Christmassy (without using its name) whilst the others try to guess what it is.

The winner is the first person/family who guesses 5 (or 10 if you want a longer game) first.

Christmas sing song
Who doesn’t love a good song song?
Whether it’s pop songs or carols pop on the music and all get singing.

Whether you have the voice of an angel or aren’t that tuneful it doesn’t matter. A good old song song is good for the soul. Handy hint – make sure that one person/family play the music otherwise you end up with slightly out of sync tunes coming from all the videos!

We hope you manage to have some Christmas cheer and merriment despite this Christmas not quite being what we had all planned.

Merry Christmas from all of us at not only pink and blue (including Hearty Hope!).

Thank you once again and here’s to 2021.

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