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Gender neutral baby gifts for newborns

Know someone having a baby? Try a gender-neutral baby gift

Gender-neutral baby gifts can be a real saviour when buying gifts for newborns.

For instance:

  • Unsure of the parent’s style? Then buy gender-neutral.
  • The mum and dad not revealing the gender, choose unisex.
  • You care about sustainability and believe in buying quality goods that can be passed on, then make it a design that all children can wear.

Yes, unisex designs for newborns does challenge the tradition of dressing girls in pink and boys in blue. But we didn’t always do this – as explored in an earlier blog piece  ‘Boys in dresses and girls in blue’. Also, with ultimately 11 colours and over 10 million shades to choose from – why restrict ourselves?

My personal experience – buying for a best friend’s newborn

Only just recently, I was faced with buying a gift for my oldest friend’s FIRST baby.

You know the kind of friend, the one you’ve known since you both wore school uniforms, and that you got drunken tattoos with in the early noughties (stars on her feet and a heart on my wrist if you’re wondering).

This is the type of friend that after years of having these shared experiences, your favourite things start to merge.

In our case:

  • we loved a musical
  • tapas had a special place in our heart
  • and our go-to outfit colour was pretty much always BLACK!

This left me with a bit of a conundrum, as I was aware that parents tend to reflect their style onto their baby. However, I didn’t think her gorgeous little one was going to be dressing in skinny black jeans and matching trainers any time soon!

What did I choose?

So, at not only pink and blue we personally meet each Partner (albeit more by Zoom nowadays), before we invite them to be a part of our marketplace. We do this to understand their business, their values, and the amount of thought and effort that goes into the products they produce.

This obviously makes it extremely difficult to pick one thing to buy when you need to buy a gift.

This being said, I would probably wear Dinki Human if it came in fully grown human sizes. And if I could sleep all day like a newborn.

The final product that sealed the deal? It was the ‘Earth Leopard’ romper.

ethical organic gender neutral baby romper
Dinki Human’s ‘Earth Leopard’ Romper – £24.00

Aesthetically for me, it strikes the perfect balance of feminine and masculine, while not straying too much into the bright colour category. It’s all a matter of taste, isn’t it? It felt like something my friend would dress her baby in more importantly.  Plus, it’s completely organic and super soft for the baby’s skin, which is exactly what you want for a newborn.

That was my conundrum. All solved with a quality made, unisex design.

Ideas for gender-neutral baby gifts – our top 10.

If you’re a bit stuck yourself, we have lots of gender-neutral baby gifts for you to choose from at not only pink and blue.

Here are our top 10 picks:

Orange Zipped Babygrow

Price: £28.00

Partner: Sleep Thief

Created by two mum’s that are on a mission to problem solve, their zipped babygrow will make nappy changing that bit easier for new parents. The design also features ‘footens’ to keep the baby cosy when they sleep. These can also be folded back when they need to be – and to create extra length for the growing baby. Made with 100% organic cotton, these suits are sustainable and kind to your babies’ sensitive skin.

Air Organic Bodysuit

unisex baby bodysuit air suit from hand of gaia

Price: £16.50

Sold by: Hand of Gaia

This beautiful bodysuit is part of Hand of Gaia’s Elements Collection. Using bold yellow and blue hues, the Air print showcases a firefly and butterfly illustration written in Swahili which speaks about the art of communication, transformation and self-discovery. Made from 100% Organic and Fairtrade cotton, this bodysuit is soft, breathable and perfect for newborn’s delicate skin.

Clouds Baby Set

unisex baby set from my little duckling

Price £22.99 – £36.99

Partner: My Little Duckling

This adorable Clouds Baby Set is a gorgeous and unique gift for a newborn. The hat keeps their little heads warm, and they also look super cute. Then depending on what set you go for, you’ll get a reversible baby bib, baby mittens (perfect to protect the baby’s face) and/or a sleepsuit, all packed into an eco-friendly gift box.

Hearty Hope Doll

African black doll Hope

Price: £24:00

Partner: One Dear World

Hearty Hope is a beautiful soft doll perfect for children from birth to 4 years old. Hearty is made from natural cotton and is of premium quality, so she’ll last through your child’s early years. She wears her favourite red poppy in her hair and has a ‘little world passport’ that comes along with her. Hearty is currently adorned in a lovely white dress – but fancy a change? Try the doll basketball or football suit that is a part of the wider range.

‘Eyes’ Baby Muslin

organic muslin for newborns from Dinki Human

Price: £10.00

Partner: Dinki Human

It can be nice to create a hamper for new parents – something for them (wine maybe?), and some bits for the baby. This cotton/bamboo printed baby muslin would be perfect for this. It looks striking, but more importantly, it has a deeper purpose to it. It’s woven and sewn in a women’s cooperative in Kerala, Southern India and part of a government-funded initiative that gives women in very small rural villages regular employment, a fair wage and the chance to work flexibly around looking after their families.

Big Welcome Little One

gender neutral Organic baby vest from Mimi and Will

Price: £10:00

Partner: Mimi and Will

This charming little ethically-sourced organic vest uses the softest white cotton, and the message is perfect for welcoming a new baby. It’s designed by Mimi & Will in collaboration with clothing brand No Pink Please – and it might just be that ideal gift you need.

London Baby Sets

gender neutral baby set from my little duckling

Price: £22.99 – £36.99

Partner: My Little Duckling

We have another one from My Little Duckling on the list and this time it’s the London Baby set. Please note – I can only say this in a Joey from Friends’ voice. This gorgeous London themed print features the iconic red buses, Big Ben, The London Eye and more.

Available in 3 sets – a mini set (baby hat + reversible bib + mittens), a mid set (baby hat + sleepsuit) or a full set (baby hat + reversible bib + mittens + sleepsuit) – you can customise the gift to suit your needs.

Written By:

Gemma Dunford

Main image source:

Photo by Ajeet Singh on Unsplash

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