All The Kids

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7 years

We are a small family business aimed at parents of children between 1 and 6 with a focus on being gender inclusive, selling high quality, creative and inspiring products where children learn through play. Our daughter has inspired us to find the best gender inclusive products we can, to give her choice to follow her interests whatever they may be. We are also very passionate about being as environmentally friendly as possible and choosing sustainably sourced and ethical products, which are going to last.

We are a British couple, who have a 3-year-old daughter and another child on the way. We have been surprised and disappointed that toys are still so focused on gender roles and are predominantly coloured pink for girls and blue for boys. We felt strongly that we wanted choice for our daughter, so she grows up knowing she can do and be anything she puts her mind to, rather than being taught from a young age that as a female she should like pink and specific toys linked to old stereotypical roles for women and from speaking to friends, we know this to be true for boys too! So, with that in mind, we have created All the Kids to be for all kids, to follow their passions whatever they may be. We have chosen products and companies to sell in the store, that we love and share our vision, and which follow our other passion of being environmentally friendly. We want to play our part in protecting the world we live in for our children and have carefully chosen environmental and ethically sourced products. Some are made using sustainable wood, whilst others have either reusable or recyclable packaging and are made to last rather than add to the throw away culture.

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