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Hearty hope being played with at a picnic by boy

Are dolls for boys as well?

“Why on earth would my boy want to play with a doll?”, a question that unfortunately comes up a lot in conversations about toys. Whilst the world has moved on from a time when women and girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers (unfeminine) or work in senior positions (too emotional) we thankfully now live in … read more

Animated brain entering a gendered world

A Gendered World

We are often asked what difference the colours make. Surely pink and blue don’t matter, that children can choose what they want to do regardless of stereotypes. We’re also told repeatedly by parents that despite not buying into gender stereotypes their children seem to conform to them. The world is full of stereotypes and children … read more

Girl climbing a tree

Do children even notice stereotypes?

At not only pink and blue we are often told that stereotypes are not important because they are no longer an issue and that even if they are there they don’t make any difference. We are told that girls and boys can simply choose the toys they want to play with, what clothes they want … read more

Bookcase with children's books

Gender stereotypes in children’s books: Do we live happily ever after?

What’s the deal with gender stereotypes in children’s books? Before I deep dive into complexities of gender stereotypes in children’s books, I want to talk about Natalie Portman. Why? Because last week the Oscar winner announced she was entering the children’s book market with ‘Natalie Portman’s Fables’. Her re-telling of classic tales such as The … read more

Bear wearing a mask. COVID-19 protection.

Parenting in the pandemic. What’s changed?

How has parenting in the pandemic affected us? From Monday, 15 June, we see toy shops reopen as the UK lockdown continues to ease. But over 12 weeks in lockdown has created quite an adjustment for us all. And a massive change for kids and their parents. But what has parenting in the pandemic led … read more

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Boys are brilliant and girls are indecisive, right?

Parent 1: “It takes ages to leave because Johnny has to match the colour of his socks to his jumper, it makes mornings so difficult”. Conversation moves on. Five minutes later …. Parent 2: “Susie changed her dress three times before we left the house, nightmare!” Parent 1: “It’s so funny how girls care so … read more

Stereotyping in adverts is harmful for all

The ASA and CAP have banned stereotyping in ads*. Brands cannot for example, show a family scene with everyone else creating the mess where the woman has sole responsibility for tidying up. They also cannot create an ‘ad that suggests an activity is inappropriate for a girl because it is stereotypically associated with boys or … read more

‘What are you playing at?’

“Mummy, boys can’t play with dolls”. “Daddy, girls don’t play football”. How many of us parents have heard this from our children when they come home from play school, nursery or school? How do you discuss with your children? Do you encourage them to understand that they can play with dolls if they are a … read more

Girls toys, boys toys

Children can grow up to be whatever they want to be. Girls and boys should play together. Socialise, run, climb, scoot, ride bikes. Why wouldn’t they? Sadly it is hard to find depictions on toy boxes, in catalogues or toy adverts that show girls and boys playing together no matter the toy that is inside. … read more

Empowering brands, empowering children

Clothes can be incredibly powerful. They can make people look at you differently, they can make you feel different and of course they can reflect your mood as well as your aspirations. And there are times when clothes can make a statement that challenges others and brings a smile to the face of those who … read more