Last minute Christmas present shopping

It happens to all of us, we think we will be organised but then it’s suddenly a week until Christmas and time is running out. Some fabulous companies have done some brilliant gift guides so here is our summary of the ones to check-out:

Looking for something for someone who likes Space, Football or STEM? Look no further than Let Toys Be Toys gift guides – they will have something to suit any child, whether you are looking for science kits or books:

For children who love the outdoors then this is a handy guide from Run Wild My Child is full of ideas. It is from the US so UK folks will need to search out alternatives but it is great for inspiration from gardening to camping:

Another option that we love is a magazine subscription, everyone loves a magazine especially when they arrive at your door. National Geographic have lovely magazines for kids of all ages, full of fun facts and activities. You might even want to get one for one of the adults in your life as well!

If it’s books you are looking for then there are some really great options in the Ted gift guide from babies all the way up to teenagers. Most have a lovely message weaved into the story that are appropriate for the age group: NB: the links show the books at Amazon but if you do have a lovely local book shop then please pop in as they will be able to order the books to their shop and you will support a local business.

Whichever presents you give and receive have a wonderful Christmas and remember that the smallest of gifts are often the most perfect and that something homemade is just as good as something bought, if not better!

Image credit: Nathan Lemon @processrepeat

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