Child lying on the floor surrounded by pumpkins wearing an orange t-shirt with a cartoon ghost on it

Halloween gift guide

Halloween is coming and you might be thinking of costumes, decorations or spooky stories. We’ve got you covered with with our Halloween gift guide – perfect for your little ones not just for Halloween but to enjoy all year round.

Little Ghost Kids T-shirt – Awsm Street

This fun t-shirt is perfect for Halloween. 

This bright and spooooooky ghost t-shirt will have everyone smiling.

The initial design was sketched out by Awsm Street’s 5 year old, who gave the final artwork his seal of approval.

This design is also available as a lovely warm hoody.

T-shirt – £18

For 10% off use code NOPAB10

Wolfboy Jack and the Scissors of Doom – Tiny Tree Books

Halloween is about scary stories but also about bravery.

Wolfboy Jack and The Scissors of Doom is a story about bravery, being scared, and facing your fears.

Set in the monster-filled world first established by Lee Thomas and Raluca Farcas in Molly and the Bog Sprogs.


For 10% off use code NOPAB

Organic Pumpkin Print Dribble Bib – Toby Tiger
Dribbles and spills? Don’t be scared – with this friendly pumpkin print organic baby bib is here to save the day.
With an extra-absorbent layer for cleaning up messy faces in a jiffy, this 100% certified organic cotton dribble bib also has an adjustable popper fastening for easy changing.
For 15% off use code HELLOTIGER15
Inside The Villains – All The Kids
Packed full of fairy-tale villains’, this book will reveal all of their secrets!
A brilliant, fun book full of imaginative and engaging secrets about each of the characters. It’s interactive with flaps, which need to be turned, pulled and lifted and items attached on string.  
And if the wolf bites your fingers while you’re reading, you can always pull his tail…
Pick N Mix Stripe Kids Leggings – Bon Bon Bon
These look great for Halloween with orange and purple cuffs, giving a Beetlejuice vibe.
You can even pick the colours of the cuffs and these can be worn 
all year round so they have  ‘spending versatility’ and makes them have added sustainaility. 
From £18
For 10% discount use NOPAB10
Organic Bat  Print T-shirt – Toby Tiger
Get your spook on with our bright and batty orange organic T-shirt!
Made from super soft organic cotton, this long-sleeved top will keep little ones super cosy, and our smaller sizes have neck poppers so you don’t get in a flap when changing.
Looks great with Toby Tiger leggings or joggers. Perfect for dressing up for Halloween and beyond.
For 15% off use code HELLOTIGER15
Ringmaster Jacket & Trousers – Little Joy 
This fun circus inspired clothing can be used for a fabulous Halloween outfit and worn for the rest of the year.
It’s Contrasting circus stripe lining and adjustable cuff length for growing kids means it’s designed to look good as your child grows.

It’s available in three unisex colours

 Jacket AUD$85,  Trousers AUD$70 (on sale until the 14th) 
For AUD$10 off use code: NOPAB FAMILY
Beneath the Screen – Serious Comedy 
Trolls, mortified teachers, and a brain filled food blender!
What kid wouldn’t be interested in that? Beneath the screen is a series of 12 darkly funny poems for children exploring the unpleasant side of the internet.
Each thought provoking rhyme has been written to inspire a lively e-safety debate and talk to a young audience about the less desirable parts of the online world.
Price: £4.99 

For 30% off use code SPOOKY

Gordon the Gremlin – Tiny Tree Books

A fun tale this Halloween about Gordon the Gremlin.

Being Naughty is just so much fun, especially for Gordon the Gremlin. But what happens when there is nobody around to affect with your mischief. When Gordon is left all alone he promises to change his ways, but will he be able to keep that promise?


For 10% off use code NOPAB

If you want more inspiration then check out our directory where you will find fantastic small independent brands, with lovely products. There are also discount codes for not only pink and blue visitors which are in the listing of the relevant brand. 

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