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The Feminist Shop is an ethical brand that covers all basis to fuel your feminism. From free content and resources, to over 400 book titles, and a large selection of ethical products to make statements and start conversations. The free accessible content contains blog entries discussing different feminist topics, book recommendations for everybody interested in new perspectives and wanting to challenge their believes as well as carefully curated other amazing feminist resources like websites or podcasts. All the shop products are not only ethically produced but conceived to be wearable activism: statement makers & conversation starters and the different style of slogans and the 4 different designs for each of them celebrate that while we are not all the same feminist, we are all in the same boat and together we are unstoppable! The goal is to share 50% of the profits to feminist associations. On the way to become profitable is already giving 10% of the sales to those associations to make an impact.
For 15% off use code NOPOB15 (everything but books)

Virginia Mendez is a feminist children’s author and the co-founder of The Feminist Shop. Multilingual, originally coming from Madrid, and with 8 years of experience in the corporate and SME world, after her second child, she decided to put her skills to work by creating a business she believes in and one that can make a real positive change. In 2019 was founded with the help of lots of supporters via a crowdfunding campaign.

Being a mother of a boy and a girl impacted her as feminist mum, volunteer and activist. Getting trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter and tackling feminism specially for parents and kids. She hosted an event about “Parenting in a world of gender stereotypes” at The Belfast Human Rights Festival and runs classroom sessions that address unconscious bias and critical thinking in kids age 6 to 8. It is amazing how much they are already fall into stereotypes but also how open they are to change! She loves public speaking (and speaking in general) and challenging kids and adults to unlearn constrictive stereotypes.

All our apparel is Fair Wear certified with guaranteed fair and safe labour conditions.

We also only to use Organic Cotton, and produce Earth Positive and Climate Neutral, with a reduction of 90% of the carbon footprint.

The ink we use is 100% vegan and toxin free.

We are proudly printing on demand. We don’t produce unnecessarily; each product is made just for the final client.

To avoid unnecessary pollution and wastage on deliveries we use Drop-Shipping to get our products to customers.

We currently share 10% of the sales with our partner organisations and are committed to share 50% of our profits once we are profitable.

For 15% off use code NOPOB15 (everything but books)

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