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At the heart of our brand is a desire for a more sustainable future, which is why we create clothing that you won’t need to replace often, if ever – helping reduce textile waste. ILO clothing is inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of childhood where play, comfort, environment, family and friends intertwine to nurture a wholesome child.
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ILO’s values guide our decision making, and we are commited to:

Gender-neutral clothing:

Our clothes are gender neutral, because we believe comfy clothing and fun prints shouldn’t be dictated by what gender a baby is born with. Plus this allows garments to be passed down regardless of new baby’s gender.

Locally produced:

All our clothing is ethically produced in the UK – so while your child feels good going on adventures in their comfy new ILO outfit, you can also feel good knowing you’ve made an ethical purchase. By manufacturing locally, we can efficiently respond to demand, avoid over-production, and reduce waste. This approach also grants us full control over the working conditions in which our garments are created.

Organic peace of mind:

We only use organic fabric with GOTS certification, which means that the materials used are better for the environment, plus production processes and workers’ welfare have been approved. The end product is a robust fabric that’s biodegradable, soft and long lasting.

Grow with me:

Your child will be able to wear our comfortable and durable clothes for many months, thanks to the adjustable sizing features of our Grow with me designs.

For 10% off use code NOPAB

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