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3 years

BabeeGreens offers an exclusive line of certified organic cloth baby diapers and other baby products developed out of the desire to provide an environmentally safe alternative to traditional plastic disposable diapers. 

BabeeGreens uses 100% certified organic cotton, organic cotton/hemp blends, hypoallergenic, non-PVC poly resin snaps, and 100% unbleached cotton thread and latex free elastic. Our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and is milled locally, making this line of products 100% USA made. All of our Natural Wool products are  100% Merino Wool, made from Okeo Tex 100 certified yarn. BabeeGreens upcycled cashmere and wool diaper covers are also lined with Okeo Tex 100 Certified Merino Wool.

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