They’ve done it again

Our friends at From babies with Love have produced another fantastic collection and won more awards. I love the ethical approach they have for their baby clothes and collections as well as their designs. They are baby friendly and really well made with that little bit of fun that, your little ones might be too little to appreciate, us parents certainly will!

This crab baby grow set is a great example,groups-crab-960 made from lovely quality organic cotton it is super soft against your babies skin making them all the more snuggly. With a matching card and a great compact pouch that comes in handy to carry the ever-increasing number of things, you need when you venture out with your little munchkins.

The great news is that From babies with love are starting to create a collection of toys that are equally as beautifully designed and made. These nautical stacking boxes are a great example and an alternative to the all-time favourite stacky cups that we all have around our homes. nautical cubesThese can be stacked in multiple ways for creative types and nest so that they can be tidied away within themselves. They even come in their own lovely box with a handle that your toddlers will love to carry around, although if you don’t want to keep it, it is 100% recycled and recyclable. The cubes themselves are made out of sustainably sourced wood so they are perfect for the environmentally conscious amongst us as well. To top it all they were awarded Gold in the Junior Design Awards 2017. What’s not to love?

I can’t wait to see the collections that From babies with love create next and I really look forward to more of their toys appearing on their website. Great products, beautifully made, with a conscience. Win, win, win.

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