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Hearty hope being played with at a picnic by boy

Are dolls for boys as well?

“Why on earth would my boy want to play with a doll?”, a question that unfortunately comes up a lot in conversations about toys. Whilst the world has moved on from a time when women and girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers (unfeminine) or work in senior positions (too emotional) we thankfully now live in … read more

Girl climbing a tree

Do children even notice stereotypes?

At not only pink and blue we are often told that stereotypes are not important because they are no longer an issue and that even if they are there they don’t make any difference. We are told that girls and boys can simply choose the toys they want to play with, what clothes they want … read more

Bookcase with children's books

Gender stereotypes in children’s books: Do we live happily ever after?

What’s the deal with gender stereotypes in children’s books? Before I deep dive into complexities of gender stereotypes in children’s books, I want to talk about Natalie Portman. Why? Because last week the Oscar winner announced she was entering the children’s book market with ‘Natalie Portman’s Fables’. Her re-telling of classic tales such as The … read more