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Super Sapiens is the perfect pocket-sized game which can be played 3 ways: Snap, Memory, and Super Guess? Suitable for 3 – 103 years! The game is a great way to have fun with kids while aiding discussion on some of the difficult realities of our world and encouraging the next generation to help change our world through kindness, inclusion, antiracism, environmental justice, and taking informed action!



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Nuts and bolts: 56 poker sized cards

  • The Super Sapiens: 12 matching sets of 4 illustrated cards with a short bio of the trend-bucking women of the world.
  • Cultivate superpowers: A card on how to cultivate superpowers … through self-care and self-love.
  • What makes a Super Sapien?: A card encouraging kids to be good local and global citizens.
  • Map of world: A map of the world card to show where in the world these Super Sapiens are from.
  • Personalisation: A pair of DIY cards for each child to draw a self-portrait or draw someone they love!
  • Instruction cards: Full instructions on how to play Snap, Memory, and Super Guess?

Tags: Caring, Curious, Educational, Fun, Happy, History, Imaginative, Inquisitive, Learning, Positive

Categories: Toys & Play

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