Not clothes but toys

I have found the same issue with toys as I have with clothes which is so frustrating. We were recently looking for a walker for our little one and found that they are all pink for girls, blue for boys and quite frankly are all pretty horrible. Much as the toy manufacturers might not believe it to be the case but at the age of one my little one hasn’t decided on her favourite colour.

We were delighted when we came across this lovely work bench walker from Early Learning Centre. It’s a fantastic wooden walker with loads of interesting tools for your little one to play with. It’s colourful but not garishly so and helps develop all sorts of skills.

We had it with us when we were away with friends who had kids as well. Their ages ranged from 1 to 4 years old and they all found something to play with on the walker. From using the screwdriver to sawing the log and using the mallet there is plenty to occupy their busy hands and minds. We, and they would highly recommend it!

In fact, the wooden toy section of the Early Learning Centre website has some great toys that are for all little rascals whichever chromosomes they were born with.

The other toy we have loved for the last 6 months is the Pop-up Toy from Galt. With its smiley little pop-up people which help hone your little one’s skills of hand-eye coordination by putting them into the right holes and pushing them down to pop them into the air.

Toys don’t have to be garish and chromosomally divided – they should just be lovingly made and fun.

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