Clothes can be incredibly powerful. They can make people look at you differently, they can make you feel different and of course they can reflect your mood as well as your aspirations. And there are times when clothes can make a statement that challenges others and brings a smile to the face of those who agree. Adults, kids, babies – this applies to all.

That’s why this blog focuses on two fabulous brands who are empowering girls for all the right reasons with all the right messages.

The first is Porquois Princesse set up by two mothers who want to raise ‘independent, confident girls who know they can accomplish anything’. We know that clothes are Pilotinvariably divided by boy and girl/blue and pink which limits the colour choice for kids and with the slogans that are attached to these colours (read ‘Daddy’s little hero’ for boys ‘Daddy’s pretty little princess’ for girls) the pigeon-holing and lowered aspirations begin. That’s why their ‘You can be a pilot box’ is fabulous with inspiring stories of female pilots, an activity book showing what life is like as a pilot and includes a lovely t-shirt that would make any girl know that she can be whatever she wants to be.
The other brand that we are loving at the moment is Scarf Monkey who describe themselves as selling ‘bright and bold t-shirts’ and they certainly are. Again focusing on aspirational slogans and images for girls they make fabulously Scarf monkeycolourful t-shirts that are inspiring with a tongue in cheek humour delivering a serious message for girls and parents alike. Their super hero t-shirt has the slogan ‘we are who we have been waiting for’ reminding girls that they are the heroes too (despite what they are often led to believe by films, cartoons and the books they read).

The founder of Scarf Monkey was inspired to create these wonderful t-shirts to inspire her daughter to be brave and confident – they certainly fit the bill. What is also lovely is that they don’t shy away from pink, they reclaim the colour. As readers will know our view is that there is nothing wrong with pink itself, it’s the language around pink that causes the issues. Pink is a bold colour that plays brilliantly with the slogans. Although if pink isn’t your thing then there are many other colours available!