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Intuitive. Quirky. Inclusive. I would like to share with you the joy I find in children’s clothes. As a mother of six, I prize unisex options for their practicality, comfort, multiple use and longevity, and I’m sure you do too. I also understand that every parent has unique, one of a kind children, and to reflect this I keep my unique designs on limited release, with themes to reflect how special your child is to you.
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For those of you I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting, my name is Aleza. Amongst many other life adventures, I’m the proud mother of six beautiful kids. For over 22 years I have had such joy in choosing clothing for my children. After the birth of our youngest baby, I became inspired to share my creative clothing ideas with others and so, Little Joy Clothing was born. Intuitive If there is one thing I know, it’s that dressing a toddler is like clothing a rotating pretzel … no one has time for millions of little buttons! And as our little ones get bigger, we want to encourage and support their independence, so clothes that are easy to manage are essential. Quirky I love to design clothes for your little ones that don’t limit their blossoming personalities. So instead I focus on creating items that allow their creativity to shine. With this in mind, my first range is influenced by vintage circus clothing. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds! Inclusive By keeping the clothing unisex, your child is free to choose what makes them happy, there’s no specified gender clothing. I’ve also been sure to add in elements that make the clothing flexible for all different body shapes. By being inclusive in my designs, you are able to invest in a practical item of clothing that is so easy to pass on to siblings or friends. You and the environment wins! Where

For AUD$10 off use code: NOPAB FAMILY

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