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KIT Clothing is a mix and match range of clothing for kids aged one to five, designed to give busy parents a quicker and more sustainable way to dress their kids. Ethically made in the UK from organic cotton. Free shipping over £40.
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I’m Annie and, alongside being mum to my daughter Maggie, I’m a buyer working in the clothing industry. I created KIT Clothing because, in our house, mornings are hectic: we all have to be up and out of the house by 7.30. Having a capsule wardrobe for my daughter takes some of the hassle out of our morning routine. It cuts down on the number of decisions that I have to make and creates less laundry for us to deal with.

KIT Clothing is the perfect way to start your child’s capsule wardrobe. Our mix and match range of organic cotton basics make it quick and easy to get your little one ready in a hurry and mean that you don’t have to change their whole outfit after accidents and spills.

The KIT range is designed to be unisex so that the clothes can get the most wear possible by being shared amongst siblings and friends without restriction.

When you shop with KIT Clothing you can ditch the guilt knowing that KIT products are long-lasting, planet-friendly and support the people in our supply chain; from the farmers who grow the organic cotton, to the machinists in the UK who piece everything together.

If you’re looking to buy great quality, sustainable kids clothing that makes your morning routine simpler, you’re in the right place.

For 10% off use code NOPAB10

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