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Buttercup Learning is on a mission to connect young children to the wildlife on our doorsteps. We design and sell nature prints and nature activity subscription boxes with augmented reality. To ensure even the most modern digital kids are inspired to get outdoors and gain confidence and knowledge on how to protect the planet.
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Buttercup Learning was founded by Rachel Mills in 2020. 

I hope to create a generation of switched-on environmentalists! I’m proud that Buttercup Learning offers sustainable play-based learning resources with a difference. Our blend of physical, digital and augmented reality products and activities encourages children aged 4 to 8 to explore, play and learn at their own pace, and can be used to supplement home or school-based education.

Buttercup Learning is an eco-educational content company with an interdisciplinary team of educators, illustrators and animators. My own daughter’s nature curiosity sparked the idea for Buttercup. I wanted a way to connect my digital child to the natural world. As an educator and professional animation producer I could see the benefits of using augmented reality technology as a starting point to get modern children outside.

 I strive to inspire children to live sustainably by helping them develop their connection with nature and providing positive actions they can take in their own gardens, homes and neighbourhoods.

Buttercup Learning offers multisensory, action-packed learning:

Subscription box: seasonal wildlife box with an AR print, nature conservation activities and unique digital resources community.

Online learning platform: subscription-based nature-inspired learning and community platform coming soon!

Augmented reality prints: beautiful interactive prints that encourage exploration of nature. As you scan our prints, you reveal additional educational content such as illustrations, videos, animations.

When you click our embedded button, you are taken to our e-learning sites for further eco and nature educational content. I donate a small percentage of the proceeds from the sale of our AR nature prints to conservation trusts.

All of our products and digital offerings are as sustainable as they can be: plastic free, low carbon.  We are leading the way on this to become a world first sustainable ed tech learning company. We continue to work on ways we can improve this and become a truly regenerative business.

For free access to community group use code NOPABACCESSGROUP

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