The Farting Feminist – Alice Clover Stories

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7 years

Children’s books that challenge gender stereotypes.

I have always had a strong passion for equality, with women’s and girl’s rights in particular, and whilst at university I chose Gender Studies as my elective for the first two years.

Since becoming a mother to Florence and Grace, I have been even more determined to work towards the changes I want to see in our society.

I have been working on the ‘Girls Love to’ series, and also ‘Princesses Don’t have stinky Bums’ because I believe that there is a massive gap in our literature for encouraging girls to love themselves, and their bodies.

It is time for us all to change the narrative regarding girl’s and women’s bodies, and their bodily functions, and it’s time to stop shaming them. Girls and women are taught that their bodily functions are something to feel ashamed of from the moment they are born. As a society, we are more likely to criticise a female for farting, burping, sweating, picking their noses, talking about their periods or their vulva’s and it is my belief that this has a direct link to their mental, emotional and physical well being.

I want all of the girls and women of this world to believe that they are absolute Goddesses, and to love themselves and their bodies.

I hope that my work helps to make this happen.

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