Author: Gemma Dunford

gender neutral baby cake at baby shower

Gender neutral baby gifts for newborns

Know someone having a baby? Try a gender-neutral baby gift Gender-neutral baby gifts can be a real saviour when buying gifts for newborns. For instance: Unsure of the parent’s style? Then buy gender-neutral. The mum and dad not revealing the gender, choose unisex. You care about sustainability and believe in buying quality goods that can … read more

Bookcase with children's books

Gender stereotypes in children’s books: Do we live happily ever after?

What’s the deal with gender stereotypes in children’s books? Before I deep dive into complexities of gender stereotypes in children’s books, I want to talk about Natalie Portman. Why? Because last week the Oscar winner announced she was entering the children’s book market with ‘Natalie Portman’s Fables’. Her re-telling of classic tales such as The … read more

Meet the Partners | series one

Q&A with Sarah, Katy and Pam. We work with amazing small businesses at not only pink and blue and it’s important to us that we meet each one. So we can hear their story and talk about their passions and values. Whether we’ve visited them at their office, factory, or said hello over Zoom (oh … read more

Bear wearing a mask. COVID-19 protection.

Parenting in the pandemic. What’s changed?

How has parenting in the pandemic affected us? From Monday, 15 June, we see toy shops reopen as the UK lockdown continues to ease. But over 12 weeks in lockdown has created quite an adjustment for us all. And a massive change for kids and their parents. But what has parenting in the pandemic led … read more