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Comfortable and kind

I recently visited Bubble London, a trade show for those who sell kids products (mainly clothes) to show their wares to prospective buyers. There were some great Brands there who I will be writing further Blogs on but today I want to mention Mori. They have a lovely selection of beautifully soft baby clothes that … read more

No more boys and girls

BBC No more boys and girls Having always been a staunch advocate of the nurture argument, especially with babies, when it comes to preferences for toys, activities and colours it was with more than just normal curiosity that I tuned into the BBC 2 programme ‘No more boys and girls‘. It didn’t disappoint. The show … read more

Kids creating clothes

picture-this-dress Back to clothes this week and an absolutely inspired idea by Mum Jamie Newberry. Kids draw. A lot. And so often they draw themselves and the clothes they are in. It’s a great indicator of what they would like to wear. So instead of just admiring these pictures Newberry decided to make the dress … read more

Dad and child walking on beach at sunset

Time to celebrate Dads

Looking at the Father’s Day cards for Dads is shocking. All of the cards depict scenes of chaos (because Mum isn’t there), or kids eating ridiculous things (because Mum isn’t there) or Dads generally failing to do things (because Mum isn’t there). Do they make me laugh? No. My over-riding thought is – ‘how insulting’. … read more

Not clothes but toys

I have found the same issue with toys as I have with clothes which is so frustrating. We were recently looking for a walker for our little one and found that they are all pink for girls, blue for boys and quite frankly are all pretty horrible. Much as the toy manufacturers might not believe … read more

Clothes, toys and lots more

The sun is shining and it’s summer so everyone should be in bright, fun, colourful clothes (although in my book the same applies in winter in order to brighten up the day). Toby Tiger fits the bill perfectly with unisex stripes and prints all in vibrant, playful colours and designs. Their clothes are timeless and … read more

President obama

Women are our history too

There is one thing I love about FaceBook and that is I see things that I never would have seen otherwise. This was the case with a speech given by President Obama during Women’s History Month in the US. He highlights the fact that history books talk heroically about the males in our history (some … read more

Little adventurers

I love it when you find a company who produces fabulously fun clothes that are ethical and eco-friendly. That’s what you find at Gecko clothing. Based in Wales, this family company are producing practical clothing for your boys and girls to explore the wonderful outdoors. They have designed their clothing to be hard wearing so … read more

Boys in dresses and girls in blue

The world of baby clothes wasn’t always only pink and blue, in fact it used to be a world of dresses for both sexes until the turn of the century. There is a great image of F. D. Roosevelt at 2 1/2 in a dress with long hair. In 1884 boys and girls wore white … read more