Author: Clare Willetts

Hearty hope being played with at a picnic by boy

Are dolls for boys as well?

“Why on earth would my boy want to play with a doll?”, a question that unfortunately comes up a lot in conversations about toys. Whilst the world has moved on from a time when women and girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers (unfeminine) or work in senior positions (too emotional) we thankfully now live in … read more

Parent sitting looking at child behind them

Finding time and space as a Parent

With the country and the world starting to open up again we know that parents are getting back into the swing of busy days with clubs, parties, outings and with half term round the corner we asked Deniz Mustard, the Emotional Fitness Coach how we can find a bit more head space as parents. Here’s … read more

child dressed as the cat in the har with red and white striped huge hat

World Book Day 2021

It’s World Book Day and usually kids are heading off to school in a costume, hastily put together the night before by parents trying to cobble together a dinosaur outfit or a cat in a hat out of cereal boxes and some left over Christmas wrapping paper! This year is a little different with the … read more

Rainbow made of pencils

Half term already? Here’s a few ideas

How is it half term already?  It’s been a long old lock down already and it’s still going on and if you are anything like us, keeping the kids from constant whining it quite hard! And now with half term, everything closed and no option to visit family and friends it’s more time in and … read more

Festive fun

Merry Christmas and family games!

Thank you for your support this year. It’s nearly Christmas and what a year it’s been. We know it’s not been easy and that is why we wanted to say an extra special thank you to our customers this year. Our first 6 months in business has been a bit different to say the least! … read more

Christmas gift

Small business Christmas gift guide

Need a bit of inspiration for some gifts? Look no further! As we come towards December of a year that has been so challenging for so many we wanted to share some of the wonderful products and small businesses that we have come across over the last few months. Children’s art These illustrations from Wee … read more

Animated brain entering a gendered world

A Gendered World

We are often asked what difference the colours make. Surely pink and blue don’t matter, that children can choose what they want to do regardless of stereotypes. We’re also told repeatedly by parents that despite not buying into gender stereotypes their children seem to conform to them. The world is full of stereotypes and children … read more

pumpkins on a window sill

Halloween ideas

We have a bit of a halloween conundrum this year, don’t we? We would usually be having fun dressing up the kids, heading out to collect sweets, knocking on doors and although us parents might roll our eyes at this American tradition whilst hoping to get in before the rain starts, it’s actually great fun … read more

Girl climbing a tree

Do children even notice stereotypes?

At not only pink and blue we are often told that stereotypes are not important because they are no longer an issue and that even if they are there they don’t make any difference. We are told that girls and boys can simply choose the toys they want to play with, what clothes they want … read more

Founder of not only pink and blue Clare Willetts with note book saying I'm going to change the world and this is my plan.

Dinki Human interviewing us!

Ester the owner of Dinki Human interviewed our CEO and Founder Clare, for her blog.   Dinki Human is one of our fabulous Partners who design and creates lovely products that are sustainable, unisex and ethically made for children up to 4 years old. Ester shares our passion for products that are made to last … read more